Prepare Your Staff for an Effective Customer Care

By Ardi • November 16, 2008 • Filed in: Thoughts

Your employees are the most important aspect towards the success of your customer service program. In many cases your front line employees are the only point of contact with the customer and customer primary communication source. To them, they are not only representing the company, THEY ARE THE COMPANY. Here are the steps to prepare them to be best in serving your customer.

Hire the right people

It is critical that the company select employees based on their talent and their overall attitude towards serving people. There are many companies these days, provide an on line assessment test. It is a waste of time to hire people with low score on service orientation because they will not be a successful customer service provider.

Provide them with trainings

It is equally important to train them on the job skills as well as customer service. Customer service training will only go so far unless your employees understand their job duties. This will make it easier and more logical for your employees to incorporate the customer service techniques into their daily duties.

Communicate clearly on their mistakes

Setting up an “employee communication process” will help you control the implementation of customer service standards. There needs to be a system to handle employee’s mistakes that happen on the floor – how to address the mistakes, how to ensure the employee understand the mistakes made and the consequences that may incur and how that effects the business. The company needs to create a fair and educating “communication process” to stress that mistakes are to be learned so it will not recur.

Recognize their achievement

Avoid a quick promotion or monetary award for their service excellence, instead celebrate and announce their achievement, make them as the role models for other employees. This will create long-lasting sense of achievement not just an immediate short-term gain which does not guarantee their sense of belongings and the reasons they are there – “to serve the customers”.

Appraisal and promotions

Your employees have the right to know your observation on their progress. This will help them improve their performance and personal development. Be consistent in doing this. It requires a commitment from the company to conduct regular assessment e.g. half yearly, yearly etc.


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