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“I Want My Staffs To Smile To The Customers”

Recently I met with one business owner in the island, who thinks that the quality of service in his business can be improved. When I asked him about the specific area he wants to be focused on, his reply was, “I want my staffs to smile to the customers.” I found his request quite interesting [...]

”How May I Assist You?”

“How may I assist you?” is really used by sales assistant to avoid having to assist customer. I was surprised to come across the above statement on a sales training handout. It left me bothered. In my experience working in a 5 star hotel group, we were taught to always offer assistance to customers by [...]

Listen To Our Customers

We are in business to serve our customers, and we can only do that if we know what our customers want. When we genuinely listen to our customers, they will let us know what they want and how we can provide best service.

Prepare Your Staff for an Effective Customer Care

Your employees are the most important aspect towards the success of your customer service program. In many cases your front line employees are the only point of contact with the customer and customer primary communication source. To them, they are not only representing the company, THEY ARE THE COMPANY. Here are the steps to prepare [...]

Who benefits from Customer Service Training?

Good news, Customer Service Training benefits everyone! Customer: The training will improve customer service standards in the business. As a result of this, customer satisfaction will be achieved. Customers will feel that they have been treated as an individual and in a professional manner. The most important thing is that the customer will feel that [...]