About Us

In today’s competitive world, where customers are spoilt with choice, products alone are not enough to win the competition. More and more customers are making their buying decisions based on the level of services they receive. Quite often customers are prepared to pay more for the same products at the shop “next-door” just because they are served better.

ECC was established with the understanding that demand for better customer service is extremely high and progressing each time. Quality customer service is no longer an added-benefit, it is the essence of the service itself. Whether your business is a giant corporation or a home-grown industry, nowadays customers pay more attention on how they are treated. Customers are no longer just buying products, they are buying an experience. They will remember how they were treated. They will come to the company that appreciates their business, offer innovative products and willing to go the extra miles to satisfy them. When one does this right, customers will return again and again.

“Customers may come into a business because of the products but they will decide to come again because of the way they are treated”

We, at ECC, believe in the highest level of standards in customer service. ECC was formed based on the hands-on experience gained from many years as being part of the top hotel in the world for customer service. We recognize the importance of quality customer service. We strongly believe successful customer service is an area that needs to be worked on, maintained and continually updated over a period of time as the business progresses.

Our mission

is to help our clients:

  • achieve quality customer service standards by providing practical solutions through customer service training that are easy to adapt by all levels of employees and
  • to maintain these standards for sustainable customer satisfaction and loyalty.