“I Want My Staffs To Smile To The Customers”

By Ardi • June 8, 2009 • Filed in: Thoughts

Recently I met with one business owner in the island, who thinks that the quality of service in his business can be improved. When I asked him about the specific area he wants to be focused on, his reply was, “I want my staffs to smile to the customers.”

I found his request quite interesting and I try to outline the basis from a business perspective

  • In my capacity as a trainer, I’m not here to make miracles happen. However, making your staffs smile to the customers is something that is not impossible to achieve. To make your staffs smile genuinely, from the heart and not forced smile, it has to begin from the company culture. It requires a very strong commitment and cooperation from the top management, business owner, CEO, director or whoever making the top-level business decision to create a business culture that is customer-focused. A culture that focuses on quality of service must begin internally and channeled through externally, from the very top to the very bottom level of the company.
  • In day-to-day operations, the quality of service provided by your employees to customers is directly related to the way you treat your employees. I strongly believe in this: “Treat your employees the way you want them to treat your customers.” The environment and business culture the company creates will have a strong influence in the way your employees act and perform their job.

So if you want your staffs to smile to the customers, you can start to look closely inside the company’s culture and find out if you have already implemented these points below:

  1. Quality customer service that have already become part of company identity, externally as well as internally.
  2. Staff recruitment based on talent not because of need to fill in positions, ie. anyone will do.
  3. Customer service training and job skills training to support their work.
  4. Regular staff appraisal program to evaluate staff performance.
  5. Staff reward and incentive programs that are fair and open to recognize staff hard work and contribution to the business.
  6. Employee benefits that are fair such as health insurance, work accident insurance etc.

These are the basic factors which will help create a happy and content working culture. If you have already implemented all of the above, I guarantee that you are on the right track which will result to your staffs “smile naturally to your customers”.


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